Million Mangroves

Mangroves “the wonder tree” can store four times more carbon than a rainforest, but globally more than 35% have already been deforested.

Climate Impact Partners, a merger of Natural Capital Partners and ClimateCare, created the Million Mangroves program to showcase companies' commitment to climate action today and deliver immediate results by financing one of the highest impact climate and blue carbon solutions available.


By supporting the Million Mangroves program, SITA can show its commitment to corporate responsibility in the broadest sense going beyond carbon emissions to also restoring the local ecosystem, providing jobs and supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Amber Harrison, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability, SITA

Believing in better means constantly finding the opportunities to make a positive impact. This mangrove restoration is a real example of delivering action and impact now and fits perfectly with our focus on cleaning our oceans.

Fiona Ball, Group Head of Inspirational Business and Ocean Rescue, Sky

We want to speed up the build out of green energy to help keep global warming below 1.5ºC, while limiting the carbon footprint of our company activities. Supporting the Million Mangroves program enables Orsted to tackle emissions from our air travel while helping strengthen the climate resilience of the Rimba Raya reserve.

Maria Virginia Dundas, Lead Sustainability Advisor, Ørsted

Were investing today for the future. Mangrove restoration benefits local communities and thriving natural places and aligns with our 2030 Agenda to drive trust, equity, and sustainability for all of our stakeholders.

Natasha Tuck, Director of Sustainability & ESG
Monterey Bay Aquarium

Partnering with Million Mangroves advances our sustainability goals by restoring coastal ecosystems and building resilience. It also helps us inspire visitors to the Aquarium, and gives us a way to help our clients meet their carbon reduction goals when they book an event at the Aquarium.

Claudia Pineda Tibbs, Sustainability Manager

In an effort to remove and sequester carbon, were supporting a $1 million investment to scale up two natural climate solution projects focused on mangrove reforestation in Mexico and Kenya.

Erik Hansen, Senior Director, Environmental Sustainability
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About the projects

In countries including Kenya, Mexico and Indonesia, we’re working with local project partners to restore mangroves in vulnerable coastal areas.

Why are mangroves a wonder tree?

Mangroves are a high-impact, carbon-dense, natural climate solution that also provide important protection in coastal areas, enable fish and water species to thrive and create valuable timber products which are resistant to rot and insects.

Project partners

"The restoration of the local mangroves is a natural evolution of our work to maintain a thriving ecosystem for the wildlife and communities that live around the Rimba Raya reserve."

Local community groups in Kenya work along the Mtwapa Creek on the southern coast to restore critical mangrove forests and reduce their deforestation.

Arbor Day?

"This is such a powerful blue carbon solution which we can deliver right now - using the power of mangroves to store carbon, protect our climate, and conserve the coastal ecosystem in Mexico."